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Board & Shareholder Advisory

Our teams have deep experience advising our clients when an independent voice matters most. Given our own independence, we are uniquely positioned to be helpful in these types of assignments.

We understand the sensitivity and tight timeframe typical in these assignments, and our team is second to none in our discretion and ability to add value almost immediately.



We conduct strategic assessments and monitoring of each client’s shareholder base, leveraging our proprietary databases, sophisticated data analytics, and the combined expertise of our team.


We help companies view their shareholder bases strategically, creating preventive measures against unsolicited activity such as hostile approaches or activist campaigns. In the event of an attack, we will create and execute defence strategy.

While our Partners have been involved in many special situations over the course of the careers, they understand that each engagement is unique and requires thoughtful, tailored advice.



We represent board and shareholder committees with objective advice, insight into independent directors’ concerns, clear and authoritative analysis, and an unrivalled track record in sensitive boardroom situations.


We help our clients develop and implement proactive shareholder engagement strategies based on a thorough understanding of why and how investors hold stakes in their companies.

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