Malaysia Infrastructure Foundation Fund

The MALAYSIA INFRASTRUCTURE FOUNDATION FUND (“MIFF”) was established in 2020 to act as a link between the Malaysian Government and foreign private investors which are looking to access “Government-Grade” investments.

MIFF functions as a private fund for Sinnamas’s existing portfolio of investments. MIFF is to follow its predecessor funds’ strategy to invest in expansion/ late-stage deals or mezzanine type deals

Image by Izuddin Helmi Adnan


MIFF will invest in Government-Linked projects in commercial & general aviation, consumer-related, oil & gas support services/ shipping & marine services, healthcare/life science, tech-related and others such as manufacturing and specialized engineering sectors


MIFF team operates independently, and its compliance and internal audit functions are shared with the rest of Sinnamas. Key appointment holders have a long history of working together and have extensive experience in different government sectors

There are two direct programs available readily for foreign private clients. Each program offers a host of unique benefits and privileges. Private clients can compare them against one another to find the right fit.

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Donation amount may vary. We use these donations to invest into our Malaysia “Government-Grade” investments, aimed at boosting the economy. Larger sums donors will be recognised and receive letter of recommendation for permanent residency or “Golden Visa” if applicable.


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