Private Label Reloadable Cards

SINNAMAS offers its customers a wide range of ready-made Private Label Reloadable Card solutions for businesses to help reach corporate needs and financial goals.

Reloadable virtual and physical prepaid cards allow businesses to establish markup fees and profit from every transaction and subscription made with their branded cards online or in-store.

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Every master and visa card process is instantly loaded by using a secured card management mechanism. This will be done by automatically so no one can wait for much time.


PCI is contains set of standards designed for all that companies to accept, store and process the master card information if your company intends to accept, store and process to your client's data, you need a PCI compliant hosting provider.

SINNAMAS API allows enterprises to efficiently issue, distribute, and manage Apple Pay and Google Pay friendly virtual and physical cards of major card brands without the need for a license.



The API documentation is also known as programmers document, which is used to read and understood what the outcome of your project is. In a master card, creation documented API is the most important thing for every company.


Cloud hosting is the process of hosting on a virtual server which is store all customer card information. Everyone can access the card information at any time without any downtime. Based on the automated application you can easily collaborate with your cardholders.