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Ready Made Investment Bank & Cryptocurrency Trust [USA, Connecticut]

    • A detailed business plan is needed
    • A highly professional Private Placement Memorandum (for the purpose of raising capital)
    • A professional Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust (36 pages)
    • Opening correspondence bank accounts to engage in commodities, equity, and fixed income trading etc (Optional)
    • Investment Banking Fund registration including assistance to obtain your SWIFT code number (Optional)]
    • Traditional retail & digital core banking digital and mobile software (Optional)
    • Our registered office address for one year
    • Corporate Management and Compliance Services for first year
    • Trust Establishment in USA included
    • Fully authorized to collect and invest money from the public under discretionary portfolio or private investment fund structure
    • Ideal for capital raising and operating as Investment Fund. Special Trust agreements allow you to operate as a commercial investment bank, financing bank, or fiduciary asset management to be active for your clients
    • May open client segregated accounts through investment account, fund account or trust account
    • Branch Offices and Correspondence Bank Accounts can be established anywhere across the world
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